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Revitalizing Rockville’s Town Center

  • Larry led the effort to revitalize Rockville’s Town Center. The redevelopment project, completed in 2007, has made Rockville’s downtown a very inviting, pedestrian-friendly destination with restaurants, shops, the county’s premier library, an arts & innovation center, and town square. The project includes three public parking garages, created 94 affordable housing units, encourages transit use, and increases the tax base for all four levels of government.

  • Fostered local entrepreneurship and job creation by bringing a business incubator to Rockville’s Town Center. The incubator has become the home to over three dozen new businesses.

  • Secured over $40 million of investment by the county, state and federal governments to make the revitalization of Rockville’s Town Center possible.

  • For more information about Rockville's revitalized Town Center, click here.


Achieving Balanced, Sustainable Growth

  • Larry led Rockville's adoption of an "adequate public facilities ordinance" (APFO) that strictly limits new growth when roads are jammed or schools are overcrowded. As a result, Rockville's growth controls are among the strongest in Maryland. To read the 11/7/05 Washington Post article about Rockville's APFO, click here.

  • Led Rockville's adoption of new, comprehensive requirements to ensure that developers provide all of the transportation and pedestrian safety improvements needed to support their development projects.

  • Because he believed we need to strike a sustainable balance between growth and quality of life, Larry initiated Rockville's current efforts to:

  • Overhaul the city's zoning ordinances in order to hold development and redevelopment to a much higher standard, ensure greater transparency and accountability in land use decisions, and protect the interests of the city's residents.

  • Revise the master plan for Rockville Pike in order to transition the corridor from a disparate assortment of large, unattractive strip malls to an integrated, world-class, pedestrian-oriented, mixed-use environment with housing, shops, restaurants, office space, and meaningful public parks and green space.


Creating Affordable Housing

  • Rockville's (and Larry's) commitment to creating affordable housing is unrivaled. Over 565 affordable housing units had been added to Rockville's affordable housing program by the end of Larry's tenure as Mayor. Rockville's affordable housing program has, on a per capita basis, twice the number of affordable housing units than Montgomery County's program.

  • Larry is proud that the city government never granted a waiver to developers from the city’s affordable housing requirements and requires affordable housing units to be equally distributed throughout the community. By comparison, the Montgomery County government allowed developers to buy their way out of having to provide hundreds of affordable housing units, typically paying only a small fraction of the cost to provide those units elsewhere.

  • Facilitated the "Legacy at Lincoln Park" redevelopment project that replaces traditional "public housing" to create innovative, mixed-income housing to foster home ownership and to strengthen the Lincoln Park neighborhood. This redevelopment project has been recognized as a potential model for the nation.


Improving Traffic and Pedestrian Safety

  • Added new traffic control measures, new crosswalks, and new sidewalks in neighborhoods throughout Rockville.

  • Implemented new enhanced pedestrian safety improvements specifically for school zones across Rockville.

  • Increased traffic enforcement and initiated the deployment of speed cameras in order to reduce speeding, especially in residential neighborhoods and school zones.


Enhancing Community Safety

  • Added new police officers to serve our growing city.

  • Secured $1.5 million of federal money to provide Rockville police the equipment needed to respond effectively to regional crises.

  • Implemented the "Beacon of Safety" program to assist seniors in need of emergency assistance.


Investing in Valued Community Facilities

  • Supported funding for a new community center west of I-270 to serve residents and to expand the city’s senior and youth programs. Construction of the new facility is nearly complete.

  • Added and upgraded parks throughout the city, including the Mattie Stepanek Park, Mary Trumbo Park and Dawson Farm Park.


Supporting Education and Local Schools

  • Implemented the "Linkages to Learning Program" at the Twinbrook and Maryvale Elementary Schools to help at-risk students and their families succeed.

  • Increased the city’s academically-oriented after-school programs at other elementary and middle schools in Rockville.

  • Larry advocated strongly for building the new Richard Montgomery High School. The new school is now open.

  • Supported providing city funding for the expansion of the new gyms at Lakewood and College Gardens Elementary Schools, both of which have been completed.


Building a Multicultural Community

  • Larry made it a priority to reach out to and bring together Rockville’s highly diverse and international population (one-third of Rockville’s residents were born outside the U.S.).

  • Hosted roundtable discussions with Asian, Hispanic and African-American business leaders to identify ways to broaden Rockville’s business base. First-ever Washington, DC-area Asian Business Conference hosted by Rockville city government in October 2005.

  • Increased city funding to provide ESOL classes to help recent immigrants learn English and to become a part of our community.


Enhancing City Government Performance

  • Took a fresh look at the city government’s operations to identify ways to further improve responsiveness and efficiency. Hired Scott Ullery as Rockville's City Manager who continues to make great strides with his management team and city staff toward making Rockville's city government world-class in terms of innovation and achievement of results.

  • Fiscally responsible and held the line on expenditures. In 2007, the City of Rockville was awarded the AAA credit rating (the highest possible and very rare among cities Rockville's size).


Providing Property Tax Relief for Homeowners

  • Reduced the city's property tax rate twice, instituted an additional $100 tax credit for homeowners, and significantly expanded the city’s property tax credit program for Rockville’s lowest-income homeowners.

  • Larry proposed a new approach to provide greater property tax relief for homeowners and to make property taxes more progressive. To read Larry's proposal, published in the Washington Post's Close to Home section in April 2005, click here.


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